April 15, 2014

FTW (8)

Someone's showing his or her age. (This is reference to an old Disney movie, If you're wondering.)


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No left turns

Why UPS Trucks Don't Turn Left

In 2004, UPS announced a new policy for its drivers: the right way to get to any destination was to avoid left-hand turns. Even if that means following this route that a UPS driver described to an incredulous press member:

"We're gonna make a right turn onto 135th to Western. We'll make another right on Western down to 139th. Righ turn on 139th and go down to the end of the block and we'll make another right turn."

When better tracking systems emerged in 2001, the package delivery service took a closer look at how trucks performed when delivering packages. As a logistics company with some 96,000 trucks and several hundred aircraft, much of UPS's business can be distilled to a series of optimization problems around reducing the amount of fuel used, saving time, and using space more efficiently. (Trucks in UPS facilities park just a few inches apart with their side mirrors overlapping to save space.)

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Salut Salon


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April 14, 2014

Flight attendant humor

Listen carefully, she speaks pretty rapidly.

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Please don't squeeze the jellyfish

Will Your Next Toilet Paper Roll Be Made Of Jellyfish??

Cine'al Ltd., an Israeli nanotechnology start-up, is developing technology to turn jellyfish into "super-absorbers," making the much-disdained sea creature suitable for use in diapers, tampons, medical sponges, even paper towels.

Jellyfish have been the bane of Israeli beaches in recent years, as warmer ocean temperatures have made coastal waters more hospitable for the creatures. During spring and early summer, millions of them appear near beaches, shoot their poison into the water and make swimming next to impossible. Where jellyfish abound, the water is likely to be empty. [...]

Cine'al sees a potential use for the scourge. Hydromash, the dry, flexible, strong material Cine'al is developing, is made from jellyfish and is allegedly several times more absorbent than the "quicker picker-upper" paper towels from the popular TV commercials.

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Snow fall

We had a little flurry of snow today in St. Louis (it's mid-April?) and other parts of the Midwest are getting more.



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April 12, 2014

Heh (13)

For engineers & technicians -- you gotta love the design of that 'O'.



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Topless is one way to put it

Pictures and video at the link.

She's lovin' it! The shocking moment a crazed topless woman DESTROYS a McDonald's before pausing to enjoy an ice cream cone

Unbelievable security camera footage shows a crazed topless woman in just her panties tearing apart a Florida McDonald's.

The video shows the nude, extremely agitated lady start her tirade by screaming into the St. Petersburg restaurant's kitchen before slamming her head onto the counter in a maniacal rage.

After proceeding to furiously dump the contents of a refrigerator onto the floor as employees stare in disbelief, she sticks her head under the soft serve dispenser and helps herself to a face full of ice cream.

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Nicely done

I've seen other contact jugglers use hoops that didn't do nearly as well.

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April 10, 2014

Chopsticks master

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Mom... is that you?

Nursing home hired strippers for patients: suit

The elderly residents of a Long Island nursing home saw their shuffleboards replaced by washboard abs when they were subjected to a low-rent Chippendale's striptease in the facility's rec room, a new lawsuit claims.

The son of one resident, 86-year-old Bernice Youngblood, was shocked when he showed up for a visit and found a picture of his mom stuffing dollar bills — which are supposed to be locked away in her commissary account — into a dancer's briefs.

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Blast from the past (6)

This is one of several images of this wonder.

This 300 ft Wall in Bolivia has over 5000 Dinosaur Footprints

Located 5 km (3 miles) from downtown Sucre, Bolivia is Cal Orko, an imposing limestone slab 1.5 km (0.9 miles) long and over 100 meters high (328 ft). On this steep face (inclination of 72 degrees), visitors can peer through time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth over 68 million years ago.

At Cal Orko you will find 462 distinct dinosaur tracks from at least 8 different species, totaling an incredible 5,055 individual dinosaur footprints. So how do thousands of dinosaur footprints come to be, on a seemingly vertical rock face hundreds of feet high? You’ll have to scroll down to find out.

Photograph by Yatlik.com

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April 09, 2014

As smooth as glass



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What a great story

The Wreck Tech Pajama Parade was a staple of the Auburn-Georgia Tech football rivalry that was played annually from 1906 through 1987. The sole interruption of the series was in 1943, when the country's attention was focused on World War II and Auburn did not field a football team.

The legend that gave birth to the parade has its roots in Auburn's first ever home football game – against Georgia Tech in 1896. It was a day when football teams traveled by train and the Tech team was scheduled to arrive at the Auburn station, located between North Gay and College streets, early in the morning of Nov. 7.

Several members of Auburn's corps of cadets, knowing the Yellow Jackets' travel schedule, arose in the middle of the night and walked to the station in their pajamas. The cadets, armed with grease and lard, applied a thick coating to about a quarter-mile of rails leading into and out of the Auburn station, then returned to their beds.

According to the legend, the next morning the train carrying the Tech football squad could get no traction when it tried to brake for the Auburn station and slid halfway to Loachapoka, some five miles away. The Yellow Jacket contingent was forced to walk back to Auburn, where Auburn whipped them that afternoon, 45-0.

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Tetris, big time

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April 08, 2014

Some Germans go to Uzbekistan

It looks like they had a good time.

Via The Sociopathic Blog For Boys

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Rat revenge

Dispute Over Guy Leads to Rat Retaliation

Philadelphia police are looking for several suspects in what appears to be a case of rat retaliation.

Investigators said an ongoing dispute over a man escalated late Wednesday, when a woman in her 20s, her mother and a pack of eight or nine other women went to the victim's house with a baseball bat and a box containing an unknown number of white rats.

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The poor man's NASCAR

One of thirteen images in this article about 'The Poor Man's NASCAR:' Inside The Weird World Of Lawn Mower Racing


Via The Presurfer

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April 07, 2014

Reflected sunrise


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Dressed for success

Motorist, 21, Wearing A "Drunk As Shit" T-Shirt Is Arrested For Drunk Driving

An Oregon motorist wearing a “Drunk As Shit” t-shirt was arrested Sunday night on a DUI charge.

Ross McMakin, a 21-year-old Corvalis resident, was collared after he drove his vehicle on the sidewalk, struck a parked car, and then assaulted his girlfriend when she tried to seize the car keys.

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360° panorama

First attempt to create a 360° spherical panorama video using 6 GoPro Cameras in 3D printed mount. And it works! :) More Information here: jonasginter.de/360-grad-video-mit-6-gopro-kameras/

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April 06, 2014

Pranked by a kid


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April 05, 2014

The ones you've been looking for



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That is to say, "Chōshoku, onegai"

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April 04, 2014

Andrew Kelly's magic

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Easy money, ladies

...if you're a local reader.

Wanted: Women who can burp to order

Women in a US city who can belch on command are being given the chance to earn some extra cash.

An ad agency is offering ladies $750 - the equivalent of £450 - for burps of any size in St Louis, Missouri.

They want belches "from small, quiet burps to monstrously loud belches" for a fizzy drink commercial.

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Via imgur

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April 03, 2014

Truth in advertising (5)



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Putting it on record

Rogue court stenographer causes chaos for New York legal system

Stenotype Stenograph Kochanski was fired after officials learned of issues with the transcripts for six trials and 24 other proceedings he'd worked on. Photo: Stephen Coles /Flickr

A Manhattan court stenographer caused chaos in New York's legal system when he typed nonsense instead of recording the proceedings in the trials for which he was responsible – including, in one case, reportedly writing, "I hate my job, I hate my job" into the transcript.

Officials have been rushing to fix the mess, first reported by the New York Post, by calling back witnesses, lawyers and judges in the affected cases to try to reconstruct missing transcripts.

A source at the New York state unified court system confirmed that the stenographer, Daniel Kochanski, 43, had been fired after officials learned of issues with the transcripts for six trials and 24 other legal proceedings he had worked on.

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I feel lucky (9)

What a guess!

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April 02, 2014

One tap with a hammer: $2.00

This reminds me of the old story about knowing where to tap.

(YouTube description translated from Russian)
We became accustomed, when the destruction of buildings and structures occurs with the use of the directed explosion. However, in China in order to destroy bridge was required only the small impact of excavator shovel, which led to the complete wreck of bridge, the resembling fall of the bones of dominoes

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Nice tutu

Live News Report Photobombed by a Unicorn Wearing a Tutu. Seriously.

This is the best local news photobombing ever, hands-down. WTLV reporter David Williams filed a report for Good Morning Jacksonville recently when the live report was interrupted by––and I am not making this up––a unicorn wearing a leotard and a tutu. [...]

Now, when I say it was a unicorn, I obviously don't mean an actual unicorn. That would be silly. It was someone dressed up as a unicorn in a tutu! Yes, that makes so much more sense.

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Persistence of life



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April 01, 2014

Mentos ice cube bombs



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Today's PSA (11)

Drug-resistant mutant head lice now living in MOBILE PHONES

MEDICS fear a new strain of head lice resistant to drugs is now living in mobile phones.

The problem of head lice has been steadily rising for years and treatments to get rid of the irritating little scalp dwellers have got progressively stronger.

But the particular Z31lathawaugh strain now worrying doctors – known as the lughole louse – can dwell for up to 36 hours in the earpiece of a modern mobile phone.

The mobile phone industry is thought to be aware of the issue, but is struggling to find a solution because the discovery is so new.

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Honda DIY

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March 31, 2014


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Mitch Hedberg compendium

Someone at Buzzfeed compiled 275 of Hedberg's joke to mark the anniversary of his passing on March 29th.

A Complete Ranking Of (Almost) Every Single Mitch Hedberg Joke

I perform at the colleges and I always buy the shirt from the college because they’re quality shirts and they’re colorful. But people get the wrong idea, you know? I walk around with a Washington University shirt on and someone goes “Hey, Washington U, did you go there?”

“Yeah… it was a Wednesday.” [Listen]

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Real books

I assume this clever ad came from the Book Tavern in Augusta, GA.



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