August 20, 2014

What reflexes!


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Just take the money and drive

Drivers Voice Frustrations At Being Mistaken For Uber

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Drivers in the Bay Area, New York and other big cities say they are increasingly experiencing unwanted passengers climbing in the back seat of their cars.

Dozens of people have taken to social media to complain about total strangers assuming that they were working for the San Francisco-based cab-alternative. The system, which operates in 44 countries, requires drivers to create an account with payment info before they can hail a ride using the company's app.

Some drivers say Uber users have mistaken them more than once for their ride.

Based on Tweets, Prius and SUV drivers appear to be the primary victims of the confusion.

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Hello taillights

In Japan (of course).



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August 19, 2014

All my friends know the low rider



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Adrenaline rush

It's REAL: Russian doctors confirm picture of mugging victim with a six-inch knife in her back is genuine

An extraordinary picture that has gone around the world of a knife plunged into the back of a woman mugging victim is genuine, it was revealed by doctors in Moscow tonight.

Julia Popova, 22, was stabbed by a mugger as she walked home from work one day last autumn - but she was so traumatised by the attack that she walked home without realising the knife was embedded in her, just a fraction of an inch from her spinal cord.

In the image, blood is shown gushing from the wound as surgeons stare in awe, apparently preparing to operate to remove the six-inch blade.

'This is our photo, she was here,' a senior doctor at the hospital in the north of the Russian capital told the MailOnline last night.


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No such thing as bad publicity? (2)

An ad for a mall in St. Joseph, MO.

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August 18, 2014

Fly right

Routing traffic at the Atlanta airport (the world's busiest) as thunderstorms pass by.

This reminds me of a flight I was on to Albany, NY. I saw some impressive cloud scenery before it landed.

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Okay, here's the plan...

Florida man allegedly takes woman on date so friend can steal her purse

BOCA RATON , Fla., Aug. 7 (UPI) -- A Florida man may not have been looking for a cheap date, but he was apparently hoping to make a few bucks by going on one.

Boca Raton police responded after a woman called and reported that a man came up and snatched her purse while she was making out with a friend on the beach.

Neither of the kissers were identified, but the woman told officers that the individual who had dropped her and her date off at the beach, Daniel Eisemann, was the man who took her purse.

She had never met Eisemann before he arrived with her date to pick her up.

After the 27-year-old snatched the purse, which contained her cell phone and $500 cash, the woman's date took off after him, the Sun Sentinel reported.

When he didn't come back, the woman sought assistance and called police.

The woman's date, Eisemann and another man were found at a nearby Red Roof Inn.

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Clever - and cute to boot (2)



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August 15, 2014

Movie memorial calendar


OAP is a British acronym for old age pensioner.

OAPs recreate famous movie scenes for best calendar ever (probably)

A group of fun-loving nursing home residents have recreated some iconic movie scenes for this unforgettable calendar.

OAPs at the Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany, raided their wardrobes for the Hollywood –inspired 'Classics 2014′ calendar.

Demand for the calendar has soared after the pictures of them posing as James Bond, Mary Poppins and The Blues Brothers began circulating online.

'Everyone was surprised we succeeded in making such a well-made calendar – the residents and others were delighted with the outcome,' said Contilia board member Heinz-Jurgen Heiske.

H.T. SteveR

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Payback time (6)

Exotic Dancers Protest Topless At Ohio Church

WARSAW, Ohio - Exotic dancers from a central Ohio strip club have protested topless at a local church in a demonstration that included a few heated verbal exchanges between dancers and church members.

The Coshocton Tribune reports no major problems were reported Sunday outside the Warsaw church that the strip club's owner says has protested his business for years.

Club owner Thomas George has said church members have picketed outside his club on weeknights. The Rev. Bill Dunfee, the church's pastor, said earlier that the Sunday demonstration signaled that churchgoers' protests at the club are working.

The newspaper reports that six bare-breasted women marched from a nearby corner to the edge of the church's parking lot at one point Sunday.

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No secrets Netflix

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August 14, 2014

Today's PSA (12)

Via The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys

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Asleep at the wheel

Asleep in the Cockpit? Flight Takes Scary Plunge as Pilot Dozes Off

A plane full of sleeping passengers: a tranquil flight. A cockpit full of sleeping pilots: a potential disaster.

Air regulators in India are investigating a scary incident on August 8 when a Jet Airways Boeing 777-300 dropped more than 5,000 feet while its pilot was dozing off.

The incident occurred on a flight from Mumbai to Brussels. The Times of India reports the pilot was taking what's called a "controlled rest" as called for by international standards for long flights. The co-pilot was supposed to handle flying responsibilities while the pilot was asleep. But she reportedly says she was working on her flight tablet and didn't notice when the plane descended from its assigned level of 34,000 feet as they were flying over Turkey.

Fortunately Turkish air traffic controllers did notice and alerted the pilots to climb back toward their assigned altitude.

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ASCII art, old school



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August 13, 2014

Artful graffiti



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It was so romantic

Boyfriend welcomes lover home with romantic candle message - and wrecks home in blaze

A romantic boyfriend lit dozens of candles to welcome his girlfriend back - and wrecked their home in a fire.

Amanj Yassen, 29, had not seen Jana Stankeviciute, 25, for a month while she was on holiday in Latvia.

Eager to show his love was still burning, he arranged dozens of tealights on his bedroom floor in the shape of a heart with an arrow through it and spelt out her name.

But when he closed the door to hide the surprise the carpet caught fire and the flames tore through the entire room.

Amanj tried to tackled the blaze himself but was beaten back by flames and smoke and had to dial 999 for the fire brigade.

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August 12, 2014

Who wants dessert?

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Calgary radio station cuts songs in half to appeal to short attention spans

At what point have you had enough of Katy Perry's latest hit? One Calgary radio station is now taking it upon itself to pinpoint that moment.

Top 40 station 90.3 Amp Radio has started to cut off the songs played on air halfway through, allowing for twice the number of songs to be played each hour in a bid to cater to their listeners' ever-shortening attention spans.

"We've got so much more choice, we've got less time (and) our attention spans are shorter," Amp Radio's Paul Kaye told CTV Calgary. "We are observing people with their iPods, playing their favourite songs and skipping them before the end because they get bored."

The station used to play about 12 songs an hour, but the new 'QuickHitz' format allows for 24 songs each hour by re-editing the tracks.

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Texts from the ex

Awesome Replies to Texts From the Ex (this is 1 of 10).


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August 11, 2014

Juxtaposition (3)

From La Porte, Texas (on Galveston Bay).



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Cold cash

Man gets paid with buckets of coins in settlement with insurance firm

When Los Angeles-area resident Andres Carrasco reached a settlement with Adriana's Insurance, he expected a check, but instead received more than a dozen buckets containing at least $21,000 in coins.

Eight representatives with the insurance company delivered 16 to 18 paint buckets filled with quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies to Carrasco's attorney's office as part of a settlement that had to be paid by July 25.

"It's unfortunate that a business like that would use some of these tactics," said the attorney, Antonio Gallo.

Calls to Adriana's Insurance, based in Rancho Cucamonga, were not returned.

The settlement was the result of a 2012 lawsuit in which Carrasco alleged that an employee at the company assaulted him when he tried to purchase insurance, his attorney said.

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High times in Maryland

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August 08, 2014

I could really use this

Check it out.

H.T. Paul

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The old Dead Koala trick

Dead koala with $50 bill in its mouth baffles Aussie investigators

Australian police are investigating after someone dropped a dead koala with a $50 bill in its mouth at a station in Victoria on the weekend.

Sgt. Jason Von Tunk told ABC News he was working along Saturday night when he heard a thud. As he left the station, he thought he was about to be ambushed.

"The old, put a dead koala out in the middle of the driveway situation and then get ambushed," Von Tunk said. "But when I saw the $50 in its mouth, that made me even more curious."

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City at sunset

This was sunset over Lake Michigan yesterday, with Chicago silhouetted by the sun.



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August 07, 2014

Havasu Falls

In northern Arizona, near Grand Canyon National Park.



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Just when you thought...

...they couldn't get more obnoxious.

Armpit hair selfies are taking over Chinese social media

Back in March, Madonna's Instagram photo of her armpit hair was quickly picked apart—both praised and criticized—by the digital pack. Everyone on social media suddenly had opinions about it. Are we really, as a culture, this divided on body hair?

A recent competition in China put that into perspective. Women are submitting photos of their unshaven underarms, and starting a conversation about it.

According to Rocket News, the photos are submissions for a best armpit hair selfie competition, the campaign for which appeared on Sina Weibo, China's microblogging platform, on July 17. In less than a week, it had thousands of submissions and millions of views.

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I could use this

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August 06, 2014

Meanwhile in Panama

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Eat a peach

Peaches are being sold with tiny knickers on them in China

ENTERPRISING FRUIT sellers in China are putting tiny pairs of knickers on peaches, and selling them as women's bottoms.

Did you have to read that sentence twice? Well, perhaps this photo will settle your confusion:


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August 05, 2014




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He's no Benjamin Franklin

Man struck trying to videotape lightning: 'I made possibly the world's worst decision'

A man says he can't help but laugh after surviving a lightning strike that hit him while he was standing in the middle of an open field at Green Lake trying to capture the storm on video Saturday.

"I made possibly the world's worst decision," Robb Montejano told KIRO Radio's Dori Monson. "I'm standing there in the middle of an open field, the highest point in a lightning storm, and I'm trying to video it."

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Serious Awws... You tell 'em, carrot top.

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August 04, 2014

Musical round-up

Hey, it beats Eddy Arnold's Cattle Call.

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Signs and wonders

Lake mysteriously shows in drought-torn Tunisia

Local shepherds in the drought-stricken region of Gafsa in the African country of Tunisia recently stumbled upon an incredible and mysterious sight: a beautiful lake, which emerged out of nowhere.

Some locals are calling it a miracle. Others are calling it a curse.

Hundreds of people are flocking to the new lake dubbed Gafsa Beach (a.k.a. Lac de Gafsa) to go swimming, diving, and scuba diving, or to simply find relief from the heat, this despite warnings by local authorities who claim the lake could be radioactive.

("Drought-torn"? That's an odd idiom.)

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The kiss of life

Apparently, these men worked for the Jacksonville (Florida) Electric Authority.

The Kiss of Life Photograph is Incredible

Taken in 1967 by Rocco Morabito, this is one of the most powerful photographs we've seen. Called the Kiss of Life photo, it shows a utility worker named J.D. Thompson giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker Randall G. Champion after he went unconscious following contact with a high voltage line.


What's even more incredible is Champion not only survived this thanks to Thompson, but he lived an extra 35 years. He died in 2002. Thompson is still alive today.

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August 01, 2014

Cloud burst



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It's all in how you say it?

Oak Ridge cancels class to reduce Southern accents

(AP) Some employees at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee complained about a class aimed at teaching them how to reduce their Southern accents. Now, managers are calling the whole thing off.

The course had been advertised as a way to feel confident in meetings, when one might need to speak with a more neutral accent. The class was touted as a way to "be remembered for what you say and not how you say it." [...]

ORNL spokesman David Keim said the class "probably wasn't presented in the right way" and managers decided to cancel it after other employees complained.

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