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June 03, 2005

A Question of Art

This puzzle appears in The Chicken From Minsk by Chernyak & Rose. It comes from the "Warming Up" section of the book, so it's one of the easier ones.

A sculptor named White, a violinist named Black, and an artist named Red meet in a cafe. One of the three says, "I have black hair, and you two have red hair and white hair, respectively, but none of us has a hair color that matches his name."

White responds, "You are quite correct."

What color is the artist's hair?

Answer follows. (Tip o' the hat to Erik.)


Since White responded, the speaker isn't White. So s/he must be named either Black or Red. But s/he says s/he has black hair and since the hair color can't match the name, s/he must be named Red.

So the speaker - with black hair - must be the artist named Red.

Posted by joke du jour at June 3, 2005 06:06 PM

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