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June 17, 2005

Shopping with Boris and Marina

Another puzzle from The Chicken From Minsk (and another tip o' the hat to Erik). This one's pretty easy too.

Boris and Marina want to buy ice cream bars. However, Boris is 24 kopeks short of the price of a bar and Marina is 2 kopeks short. They decide to pool their money and buy a single bar. When they do, they find they still do not have enough money.

How much does an ice cream bar cost?

25 kopeks. If Boris had had 2 or more kopeks, then he and Marina would have had sufficient funds, since Marina was only 2 kopeks short. So Boris had 1 or 0 kopeks.

If 1, then because he was 24 kopeks short, the price is 25 and Marina is indeed 2 kopeks short. You may object to this answer, since if Boris had 0 kopeks, the price would be 24 kopeks. However, we will assume that Boris was not conning Marina and that he did have a coin in his pocket.

Posted by joke du jour at June 17, 2005 07:02 PM

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