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July 21, 2005


A pychiatrist saw four patients one day.

The first one said, "You've gotta help me, doctor! I can't shake this feeling that I'm a goat!"

The pychatrist asked him how long he'd felt like that and the man answered, "Ever since I was a kid!"

The pychiatrist's second patient was a distraught young woman who said, "Doctor, I know this sounds silly, but I'm an interior designer, and I like to get into my work, and I can't stop thinking how I'd look as a pair of drapes."

The pychiatrist thought for a minute and told her to pull herself together.

The third patient was a wild man who burst into his office screaming, "Ya gotta help me! I have nightmares about gambling every night! I can't stop thinking I'm a deck of cards!"

The pychiatrist snapped at him, "Wait outside and I'll deal with you later."

The pychiatrist's last patient started off by confessing she was a kleptomaniac. The doctor told her not to worry and he gave her something to take.

Posted by joke du jour at July 21, 2005 07:12 PM

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