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July 05, 2005

The No. 1 Lady Detective

From the Sunday Herald Online:

Lady DetectiveNOT long after dawn in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar and a steely-eyed, handsome woman in a grey police uniform is going through a daily ritual of checks at her modest home. The checks are not mere routine; if she is to survive until dusk they could be of crucial importance. First her six children are breakfasted, their faces washed and hairbrushed and they are made ready for school.

Next comes the firearms check. Malalai Kakar counts bullets into a curved AK-47 metal clip, rams it home into her assault rifle, and makes sure the safety catch is on. She is never first through the steel door into the dangerous street outside; her bodyguard, younger brother Toryalai, also clutching a Kalashnikov, cautiously peers out at the neighbourhood left and right, to ensure no assassins are waiting. Police headquarters are called on the radio to see whether there has been any violence during the night. Prayers are said.

When these morning rituals are completed and the kids are off to school, Kandahar's most fearsome woman hoists a blue burkha over her head, climbs into a pick-up truck and heads off to the office; another busy day with murderers, sexual abusers and wife batterers is about to begin.

via Wretchard.

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