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August 09, 2005

Wi-Fi widgetry

Check out this eBay auction that ended last month. I found it very amusing.

Speed SprayWant Faster Data Transfer?
WiFi Speed Spray™ to the rescue!

This revolutionary product enhances the transfer of computer data through the air. You'll be amazed!

Do you live in a polluted environment such as Los Angeles? If so, you've probably experienced the heartbreak of data transfer slow-down.
WiFi Speed Spray™ can overcome the effects of pollution, increase fidelity, and provide you with the fastest wireless data transfer possible.
Compatible with ALL 802.XXx standards!

It's a scientific fact. Radio waves become sluggish under a variety of common environmental conditions. Besides air pollution, radio waves slow down in noisy environments, at night, and in "high emission" areas such as computer rooms, offices that use fluorescent lighting, and even in the kitchen (those pesky microwave ovens are to blame!).

WiFi Speed Spray™ is designed to eliminate these harsh conditions selectively. Only the radio wave path is affected. It's 100% SAFE to use, natural, no harmful toxic substances, and no side-effects. It's so safe, you can even BREATHE it in.

Posted by joke du jour at August 9, 2005 08:34 PM

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