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September 13, 2005

Now we're talkin'

4Frontiers Corporation, founded in 2005 and incorporated in the state of Florida, is an emerging space commerce company focused on the settlement of Mars. It recognizes the economic potential resulting from convergence of four frontiers – Earth orbit, Mars, the Moon, and Asteroids. Initial activities include development of profitable space technologies, consulting to key manufacturers and government agencies, and public outreach (and associated revenue streams).

4FrontiersA primary objective for 4Frontiers is to build an economically viable, permanent settlement on Mars derived from a majority of local materials. The company will accomplish this by developing key core technologies, establishing supporting business relationships, changing public perception of space settlements, and participating in the emerging inner solar system economy through discrete, achievable steps.

4Frontiers aims to be the premier Mars technology company and has attracted a distinguished staff ideally suited to the challenge. Economic development of the Mars system and its integration into the emerging solar system economy is central to our strategy. Ultimately, 4Frontiers will provide commercial and residential facilities on Mars and export raw materials from the Mars system which will energize Earth orbit and Lunar development.

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