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August 25, 2006

Free to Choose

I found this at Greg Mankiw's blog. It's a set of links to Google Video for Milton Friedman's series Free to Choose, which appeared on PBS in 1980.

A young Thomas Sowell appears in Vol. 4.

Volume 1: Power of the Market
Volume 2: The Tyranny of Control
Volume 3: Anatomy of a Crisis
Volume 4: From Cradle to Grave
Volume 5: Created Equal
Volume 6: What’s Wrong With Our Schools?
Volume 7: Who Protects the Consumer?
Volume 8: Who Protects the Worker?
Volume 9: How to Cure Inflation
Volume 10: How to Stay Free

And as proof that It's A Small World After All, I recently found that Prof. Mankiw is the author of my son's Economics textbook.

Posted by joke du jour at August 25, 2006 06:32 PM

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