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November 02, 2006

Best drivers in the world

Those who want to perfect their driving technique should go to India. A friend of mine, Frank Anshen, went to a linguistics conference in New Delhi and took a taxi from the airport. As in New York City, Indian taxi drivers are normally Sikhs, who wear large turbans.

As they were driving from the airport, the taxi driver kept his head turned to the back seat while carrying on a running conversation with his passenger. Meanwhile, Frank's knuckles were turning white from gripping the seat and the door handle, as they careened around winding mountain roads and stormed through villages with cows, chickens, and people scattering in all directions.

At one point, the driver said, "We Sikhs are the best drivers in the world. Do you know why?"

"N-n-no," Frank stammered, "Why are Sikhs the best drivers in the world?"

"Because," the driver answered, "we Sikhs are not afraid to die!"

Via RHF.

Posted by joke du jour at November 2, 2006 07:02 PM

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