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November 09, 2006

Something duct tape won't do

And I'm guessing WD-40 won't do much either.

Duct tape no magical cure for warts, study finds
POSTED: 5:47 p.m. EST, November 6, 2006

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Duct tape does not work any better than doing nothing to cure warts in schoolchildren, Dutch researchers reported on Monday in a study that contradicts a popular theory about an easy way to get rid of the unattractive lumps.

The study of 103 children aged 4 to 12 showed the duct tape worked only slightly better than using a corn pad, a sticky cushion that does not actually touch the wart and which was considered to be a placebo.

Posted by joke du jour at November 9, 2006 08:02 PM

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Interesting study. But as always, did they have an intent to disprove the belief duct tape works? Who knows?...

From my research, this type of method to remove warts is based on closing off wart from oxygen. Nail polish or krazy glue are other simular remedies. They work but not for everybody. In my blog, I go into details of most successful remedies available.
Take care,

Posted by: How to get rid of warts at July 30, 2007 10:10 PM

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