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November 03, 2006

The elephant's memory

The great circus performer Mephisto decided to make a few extra bucks on the side by taking bets and by challenging his audience to equal his performances.

This policy continued on quite successfully until he brought an elephant into his act. He would drag the elephant out onto the stage, then dare anyone in the audience to make the elephant do some trick, offering a financial reward in the unlikely event someone succeeded.

One day he brought out the elephant as usual and asked the crowd, "You've all seen an elephant stand on three feet?" The crowd nodded. "You've all seen an elephant stand on two feet?" The crowd nodded again. "You've all seen an elephant stand on one foot?" The crowd nodded a third time.

"But," he continued, "I'll wager that not one of you has ever seen an elephant with all four feet off the ground. Tonight, I will pay $10,000 to any one who can make this elephant jump into the air with all four feet off the ground at once!"

No one took the challenge until a thin old man walked down boldly from the back. He looked the elephant steadily in the eye, then proceeded to walk around to its hindquarters. Producing a brick in either hand, he proceeded to smash the elephant's testicles between the bricks.

The elephant roared in pain and jumped several feet into the air. Mephisto reluctantly paid the man, then he moved his show to another town.

A few years later Mephisto was short on cash again and was not attracting as much business as he used to. So he brought back his old bit of challenging the crowd. In this way, greater crowds gathered and his show was a bigger success.

He would drag out the elephant and say, "You've all seen an elephant nod... move its head up and down, right?" The crowd nodded. "But none of you have ever seen an elephant shake its head from side to side, have you?

"I will pay anyone $10 000 who can make my elephant do such a trick!"

No one took up the challenge until the same thin old man tromped boldly down from the back. He again looked the elephant in the eye and asked, "Do you remember me?"

The elephant nodded.

"Do you want me to do it again?"

The elephant shook its head vigorously from side to side.

Posted by joke du jour at November 3, 2006 10:02 PM

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