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November 29, 2006

The koala's crave

Just what I know you've all been waiting for: a shaggy koala story.

Once there was a koala bear who was a big fan of performing oral sex on women. In fact, the urge was so strong in him that he saved up all his money to go to the big city and find a place to satisfy his desire, since there wasn't any action like that in the eucalyptus forest where he lived.

When he'd saved up enough money, he bought a ticket to Sydney and went looking for a knock shop. He found a nice-looking place, went in, and told the madame what he was after. The madame introduced him to Candi and explained that Candi was the local expert on oral sex.

(More to come...)

So Candi and the koala bear retired to her room, where the koala bear dived in. When he finished, he got up, put on his hat, and started out the door. "Just a minute!" cried Candi. "You owe me $100!"

The koala bear said not a word... He didn't even turn around. He just kept walking. So Candi followed him down the hall yelling at him for her money. Finally, she took him by the arm, grabbed a dictionary, and said to him, "Look here, mate, I'm a prostitute. Now I'm going to read you the definition of 'prostitute'." And she read from the dictionary: "Prostitute: a person who exchanges sexual favors for money."

The koala bear just looked at her for a moment, then took the dictionary and read an entry to her: "Koala bear: a small, furry animal that eats bushes and leaves."

Posted by joke du jour at November 29, 2006 07:02 PM

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