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April 15, 2007

Take my hand

A seasonally appropriate oldie:

One day a tax collector went down to take the subway to his office. Unfortunately for him, he stood too near the rails, was jostled, and fell onto the tracks just as a train was approaching.

Many of the crowd leaned over to him, yelling "Give me your hand! Give me your hand!" But the man refused to do so.

Finally, someone yelled to him, "What's your job?"

"Tax collector," the man replied.

"Then take my hand!" yelled the questioner. The tax collector reached up, took the man's hand and was pulled from the tracks just in time to avoid the incoming train.

The crowd was amazed by the dramatic rescue and some stayed to ask the hero how he'd done it. "How did you get him to grab your hand?" they asked.

"You heard him say he was a tax collector, so he wasn't going to give anyone anything. But he was glad to take my hand."

Posted by joke du jour at April 15, 2007 06:02 PM

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