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July 09, 2007

Orbo demo goes down in flames

Last month, I posted again about Steorn's plans to demonstrate their Orbo device in London this month. That demonstration was scheduled for last Thursday but didn't happen.

The folks at Engadget have been all over this one. The quote below comes from one of their posts on the topic (which includes video of Sean McCarthy eating humble pie).

Steorn's CEO states the obvious: "we screwed up"

Posted Jul 7th 2007 6:01AM by Thomas Ricker

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than claimed possession of an "infinite free energy" machine is the refusal to give-in under the weight of the world's skepticism-turned ire. "We screwed up," admitted Steorn's CEO Sean McCarthy yesterday after their failed demonstration, but "if we were here to rig a demo, we'd all be here watching a wheel spin."

Posted by joke du jour at July 9, 2007 08:00 PM

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I was looking at the Joe Cell thing and trying to figure it out. I hypothesized that most of the stuff you hear about it now is just disinfo. I assumed that it was an electrolysis device as it appears rather than some esoteric etheric device which shoots secret energy into your carburetor and restructures the air so that it burns.

If one looks at a Joe Cell, one sees that it appears to work as if a number of electrolysis cells were connected in series. [Each ring in the Joe cell acts as both anode on one surface and cathode on the
other.] I decided to test gas production from electrolysis cells in series.

For the same amount of power, I produced approximately 300% more hydrogen when six electrolysis cells were connected in series than the single cell control. It works. Try it yourself with test tubes and straight DC power. I was using 16 V DC.

The single cell ran at 16V 70milliamps for 10 minutes and filled 3.4 cm of the test tube with hydrogen.

6 electrolysis cells were set in series and ran at 16V, 10milliamps for 60 minutes and each test tube was filled with 2.4cm of hydrogen.

The results conservatively showed 300-400% higher H2 production than standard DC electrolysis. Check it out, do the experiment. Took me just a few minutes to set up.


Joshua Gulick

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Posted by: Josh Gulick at July 10, 2007 06:59 PM

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