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September 15, 2007

A bad week for local police

The worst experience I ever had with a cop was in '72 when an Illinois State trooper tried to shake me down for $100 - and ended up letting me go. Aside from that, the officers I've dealt with have always acted very professionally.

But a few of the cops in the St. Louis metro area haven't been putting their best feet forward recently.

Early in the week, I saw Brett Darrow's video of his encounter with a patrolman in St. George. While this cop shouldn't have been threatening Mr. Darrow with bogus charges, I think the "cop gone wild" title is a little over the top. "Gone wild" is what the cops did to Rodney King.

Thursday brought this interesting article about St. Louis area police making threatening comments in an online forum about Mr. Darrow because of an earlier event he was involved in.

Thursday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch also ran two stories on related events. The first was about five Jefferson County deputies who got into a brawl in a bar in House Springs. This is an interesting quote:

Although Gaulden doesn't know what triggered the fight, the melee was captured on the bar's video surveillance system.

He said all of the officers were escorted out of the bar and a bartender observed them removing their rear license plates in the parking lot.

Moments later they came back into the bar, Gaulden said.

Anna Rankin, a bartender, said, "I told them 'I'm going to call the cops,' and they said, 'We are the cops.'"

The second was about an off-duty officer who threatened someone with a gun in the drive-thru at a White Castle. It's not clear from the article how this all went down, but the officer ended up resigning from his job the same day.

It makes you wonder what the heck happened to "Serve and Protect".

Posted by joke du jour at September 15, 2007 12:30 PM

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