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November 07, 2007

Rogue riders

The thing I found amusing about this odd report was the mention of "Japanese-model motorcycles," which I took to mean "They weren't Harleys." I think most people would have a hard time telling 50 Yamahas from 50 BMWs while being attacked on a freeway.

Throng of cyclists terrifies motorists
By Carolyn Tuft

A throng of about 50 motorcyclists has terrified two separate motorists and has local police officers scratching their heads as to what to do about it.

The two episodes involved motorcyclists who surrounded vehicles on well-known thoroughfares in St. Louis and St. Louis County. The cyclists in both cases drove Japanese-model motorcycles. Both motorists said that they were almost forced to stop on the roadway because the cyclists were throwing things at their vehicles or kicking them.


According to a 911 tape released by police, Rick pleaded for police to help him:

"There's 50 of them (motorcyclists) and they're trying to take over the highway. ...This guy just threw something at my car. You gotta get some cops out here. The whole highway is jammed," the man said. The sound of motorcycle engines whined in the background.

"My daughter's crying and they're kicking my car" and hitting the mirror, the man continued.

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