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February 14, 2008

More about change

Climate change, that is. Here's some interesting news via Hit & Run about a site I think is long overdue.

Climate Debate Daily is intended to deepen our understanding of disputes over climate change and the human contribution to it. The site links to scientific articles, news stories, economic studies, polemics, historical articles, PR releases, editorials, feature commentaries, and blog entries. The main column on the left includes arguments and evidence generally in support of the IPCC position on the reality of signficant anthropogenic global warming. The right-hand column includes material skeptical of the IPCC position and the notion that anthropogenic global warming represents a genuine threat to humanity.

I noticed that the site has a link to Coyote's A Skeptical Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Posted by joke du jour at February 14, 2008 07:23 PM

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Posted by: tpc at February 15, 2008 09:58 PM


Good to hear from you. I saw that article this week and thought it was pretty... interesting.

Take care -

Posted by: JdJ at February 16, 2008 03:02 PM

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