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May 18, 2008

On the road again

The image above is a thumbnail for a 2890 x 377 panorama taken just south of Storm Lake, Iowa. (Click it for the full-sized view.) Storm Lake is in western Iowa; it's only 80-plus miles east of the Iowa-Nebraska border.

As I've done the last two years, I made a few road trips connected to my agricultural project this spring. I spent another week in Fredericksburg, Texas in early March. I made an overnight trip to West Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue University) at the end of April. And I traveled to Storm Lake just last week. Along the way, I spotted a few amusing and/or curious sights which I caught on the handy Sanyo cam.

When I went to Indiana, I was traveling north on I-57 from Effingham, Illinois to Champaign-Urbana when I came across a pair of His-n-Hers semis.



They were traveling one behind the other. Even the paint color in the logo work on the sides of the two trailers matched the pink "Hers" or the blue "His" on their rears. The family that trucks together....

On my way to Storm Lake, I went through a village named Early. I was surprised by the large sign at the edge of town saying Early was "The Nation's Crossroads." There were quite a number of banners along the main drag repeating that message.

I'm not sure what's meant by "the nation's crossroads" (and I haven't bothered trying to find out). Certainly, it wasn't true in any literal sense. Maybe it was one of those "center-of-population" things people like to go on about.

My second day near Storm Lake, I came across this barn which made me smile too.


On my way back to St. Louis, I passed this ornamental lawn pig just east of Glidden, Iowa and I had to take pictures of it for my sister-in-law (because she collects decorative porkers).


It appeared to be at least 4 feet high. On the equipment shed next door was this sign, which I found amusing.


Thank God for bacon!

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