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July 26, 2008

Another week, another climate change doubter

This comes from Watts Up With That.

Roy Spencer's testimony before congress backs up Monckton's assertions on climate sensitivity

Dr. Roy Spencer went to Washington to give testimony today to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Here is his presentation. While not as technical as Lord Moncktons paper at APS (since it had to be simplified for a congressional hearing), it nonetheless says the same thing - climate sensitivity is overstated by models and not supported by observational data

Here's Mr. Spencer's testimony on YouTube.

The Monckton person mentioned above is the author of the paper at the APS that I linked to last week.

I thought this part was particularly interesting (my emphasis).

For example, during the Clinton-Gore Administration I was told what I could and could not say during congressional testimony. Since it was well known that I am skeptical of the view that mankind's greenhouse gas emissions are mostly responsible for global warming, I assumed that this advice was to help protect Vice President Gore's agenda on the subject.
Squashing the science is something any politician will do if s/he has the power to.


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