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October 03, 2008

Weekend Reading 25

Steven Horwitz, an economics professor at St. Lawrence university, writes An Open Letter to my Friends on the Left about the credit crisis that's been all the news lately. It's an interesting read

Many of you have rightly criticized the ethanol mandate, which made it profitable for corn growers to switch from growing corn for food to corn for fuel, leading to higher food prices worldwide. What's interesting is that you rightly blamed the policy and did not blame greed and the profit motive! The current financial mess is precisely analogous.

Posted by joke du jour at October 3, 2008 05:43 PM

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Great link! Have posted it on MacRaven. Thanks, James!

Be well,
Dave H.

Posted by: Dave H at October 4, 2008 08:30 AM


I neglected to give the source of the link. It came from Cato-at-Liberty

Posted by: JdJ at October 4, 2008 05:57 PM

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