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November 11, 2009

Man bites dog

From Oz:

Clifton Springs man bites dog to save his best Buddy

A CLIFTON Springs man yesterday told how he bit a dog to save his own from being mauled to death on a Collendina beach.

Phillip Lane said he was walking his two-year-old Jack Russell-cross-beagle Buddy with his wife Linda on a quiet Collendina dog beach about 4pm Monday, when a large, brown ridgeback ran up and snatched their little dog in its jaws.

"It grabbed our dog, threw him to the ground and had him by the neck," Mr Lane said.

"I thought, 'if he starts shaking him, he'll kill him'."

Mr Lane said he tackled the attacking dog and tried to forcibly unclamp its jaws with his hands. [...]

Then, Mr Lane's protective instinct took hold. With one hand in the ridgeback's mouth and another around its neck, he resorted to the most desperate of measures.

"I thought, 'if you're not gonna let go, I'm gonna bite your ear off' ... I ended up biting him on the ear as hard as I could," he said.

The bite stunned the attacking dog, which released Buddy and was taken away by its male owner, who had just arrived.

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