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November 17, 2009

Unseen Sahara

National Geographic has a nice slideshow of the work of George Steinmetz in the Sahara.


But what really piqued my interest was how Mr. Steinmetz gets his aerial photos. He flies the most minimal powered 'chute rig I've ever read about. Here's a description from his site. (My emphasis.)
Most of the aerial photos you see on this website were taken from the seat of the lightest powered aircraft in the world, a motorized paraglider. The aircraft consists of three components: the “wing” of a paraglider (similar to an aerobatic parachute), a back-pack mounted motor, and a single-seat harness that ties the three pieces together. It is launched by laying the paraglider out on the ground behind me like a kite, and with the motor idling I run forward, inflating the cells of the glider as it rises overhead.
Check out the photos at his site. Here he's pictured taking off. You can all of his craft in this photo (aside from the ends of the chute).

Posted by joke du jour at November 17, 2009 06:03 PM

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