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November 12, 2010

What a virus

Man Paid Up To $20 Million For "Protection" In Insane Computer Virus Conspiracy Plot

Since 2004, Roger Davidson's basically been living in a twisted Dan Brown novel. It all started when a computer repair guy informed him that a virus on his computer was linked to Opus Dei, Polish priests, and death threats.

In August of 2004, Davidson, a wealthy composer, took his computer to Datalink Computer Products, a local computer repair shop. He was worried that a virus might destroy the music compositions he had saved on the gadget. Information from the shop's owner, Vickram Bedi, left him with far worse worries though: His life was in danger. [...]

For whatever reason, Davidson believed this inane tale and agreed to "pay the computer shop not only for data retrieval, but for personal protection." Since that time, Davidson has paid somewhere between six and twenty million dollars to Datalink Computer Products, Vickram Bedi, and Helga Invarsdottir, a Datalink Computer Products employee.

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