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October 24, 2011

It's hard to argue with the scientific method

From Britain's The Sun, originators of the "Page 3" topless-female-photo feature.

Test assesses best breasts

A DOCTOR has worked out what makes the perfect boobs — after carefully analysing 100 of our Page 3 girls.

Plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci identified four key features during a three-month study.

First, the part of the boob lying below the nipple was ten per cent fuller than that above it — like those of Page 3 Hollie and model Kelly Brook. [See image at the site. - jdj]

Next, the nipples themselves were angled upwards at 20 degrees.

Finally the skin sloped flatly or inward above the nipple, and curved outwards below it.

Dr Mallucci explained: "The nipple meridian — a horizontal line drawn at the level of the nipple — lay at a point such that the proportion of the breast above it was 45 per cent and below 55 per cent."

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