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December 22, 2011

Clipper terror

I'm sure these assaults were no fun for the victims. Nonetheless, this sounds like an SNL skit.

Amish beard-cutting suspects arrested

Federal agents arrested the leader of a renegade Amish group and six others in eastern Ohio on Wednesday and charged them with hate crimes for a series of beard- and hair-cutting assaults against Amish men and women.

In a case that drew wide attention because of the unusual nature of the attacks, five of the men were arrested last month on kidnapping and other state charges, and were out on bail. [...]

In at least four violent attacks over the last few months, groups of men from Mullet's compound held men down to shear their beards with scissors and battery-operated clippers. In one case, several of Mullet's nephews also hacked off the hair of their own mother — Mullet's sister — who had fled the compound years earlier.

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