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December 30, 2011

Oops (13)

Kind columnist vows to help N.Y.Times readers on its reneged offer

Oh, geez, where's the Unsend button?

It's happened to most everybody, though less expensively so. A worker for the New York Times was preparing a pleading missive to several hundred disgruntled subscribers noting that they had recently canceled their paper deliveries.

We've all received such offers, some of them pretty good. 'We just know you miss us.' How about we cut the price of your newspaper subscription in half for the next 12, no, make that 16 weeks as a gesture of commercial good will -- and privately, "God Almighty, we've got to stop this circulation drop somehow!"

The Times worker, who will shortly be informed that he/she has accepted the next buyout offer, pushed the button. And off the email went -- to nearly 9 million people on the wrong list.

People who had not canceled their subscriptions. People who'd given their email to the newspaper for some reason long ago. People who liked the generous out-of-the-blue offer to cut in half what they'd already paid in full. And people who had thought the famous newspaper knew what was going on in the world but now discovered in its own offices apparently not so much.

Posted by joke du jour at December 30, 2011 06:01 PM

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