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August 10, 2012

Autocompleted stereotypes

This is pretty cool.

Why are Americans so…

A map of American state stereotypes, generated by Google autocomplete.

In the months before a US Presidential election, the quality of political discourse hits new lows. Blue State/Red State tropes dominate the news cycle as the media gins up outrage over perceived injustices in the culture wars. It's all about our differences. So I started wondering, how do Americans really think about "those people" in other states? What are the most common stereotypes? For each of the fifty states and DC, I asked Google: "Why is [State] so " and let it autocomplete. It seemed like an ideal question to get at popular assumptions, since "Why is [State] so X?" presupposes that X is true.

The map above displays the results - just hover over the states. Most of the terms are about what we'll call "culture," or about the weather. Politics and economics also figure prominently.

Via Coyote Blog

Posted by joke du jour at August 10, 2012 06:01 PM

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