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June 20, 2013

TGFB (18)

A new take on 'grass-fed' meat: Pig farmer markets pork raised on marijuana

The possibilities when it comes to marketing meat made from marijuana-fed animals are close to endless, but the man who came up with the idea has decided to simply call them "Pot Pigs."

William von Scheneidau, owner and founder of BB Ranch in Seattle, didn't come up with the idea to feed pigs and other animals weed while sitting around a bong in the basement with his buddies.

In fact, he doesn't even smoke, he said.

Von Scheneidau said the notion came to him when he met the owners of a weed dispensary who told him that, ever since marijuana was legalized in Washington via popular vote last year, they've had extra stems, stalks, and leaves to get rid of.

He simply asked them if he could take what they were planning to throw out, as he once did with a farmer's rotting cantaloupes. [...]

Whenever von Scheneidau introduces a new substance to animals' diets, he makes sure to have a control group of animals that eat normally from the same family.

He said that the pigs that are fed the marijuana just lie around and barely lift their heads.

"I name all my pigs," said von Scheneidau "and Ted told Tim they shouldn't tell me," whether or not they're high.

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