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September 11, 2013

Fat's where it's at (6)

Huge 'fatberg' grows to the size of THREE blue whales as yet more grease is added to the 15-ton blockage in London's sewers

Like a scene out of Ghostbusters, the sickening images of the oozing, putrid grease blocking London's sewers made even those with the strongest stomachs queasy.

The stinking mass of lard, and much worse, highlighted Britain's love of cooking oil - and how we think nothing of throwing it down our sinks.

Now the double-decker sized blockage is getting worse, after experts discovered three tonnes had been added to the mass since its discovery last month.

This reminds me of the Original Talking Blues.

If you want to get to heaven,
Let me tell you how to do it:
Grease your feet in a little mutton suet,
Slide out of the devil's hand,
Ooze into the Promised Land,
Take it easy. Go greasy.

Posted by joke du jour at September 11, 2013 08:02 PM

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