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October 10, 2013

Incredibly bizarre

The snippet below doesn't do justice to this article from The Daily Cricket. You really need to read the whole thing because it gets more bizarre as it goes on. (I believe the towns of Canton and Foxboro are the ones in Massachusetts.)

Police Stop Leads To Bizarre Arrest

Three people remain in custody after being arrested on Saturday morning following a traffic stop in Canton. In what was described by Lt. Paul Sullivan as "the most bizarre traffic stop" that he has seen in his 23 years on the force, Canton police responded to a report of a disabled vehicle traveling on Route 95. They came across the vehicle shortly after 2 a.m. traveling in the high-speed lane on the southbound side.

"We spotted the green Hyundai Elantra traveling at approximately five miles-per-hour in the passing lane with a huge shower of sparks coming from the rear of the vehicle. As we got closer we noticed that the rear end of the vehicle was dragging on the ground due to the fact that there were no rear tires or axle on the vehicle," said Lt. Sullivan of the Canton Police. "After the vehicle pulled over, we approached it and found that the driver was not only drinking a can of beer, but that he was not wearing any pants and that he had urinated on himself."

After not one, but two, brief foot chases, Francis Fasher, 45, of Foxboro, was placed under arrest.

H.T. Ms. M

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