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November 12, 2013

Times are tough all over

I had no idea that French schools were only used four days a week.

French fight making Wednesday a school day

f you think Wednesday's child is full of woe, as the old nursery rhyme has it, try Wednesday's parents.

Parents like Eric and Isabelle Nizard, who are angry over a sinister social experiment being conducted on their 9-year-old son, Sacha. It's the latest innovation in French public education: Their child must now attend school on Wednesdays.

Beginning in September, hump day is no longer an official day off, a traditional oasis in the middle of the week for primary school students to rest from the rigors of academic pursuit. Instead, French children — who, like their parents, already enjoy longer lunch breaks and summer vacations than their counterparts in many other countries — have to show up for class Monday through Friday.

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