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January 07, 2014

Hmm... maybe his flamethrower's for sale

'Fire-breathing weaponry'? That's a new one.

Fargo Man Arrested For Clearing Snow With Flamethrower

Fargo, ND – Local resident Todd Fox has been detained for "reckless endangerment" and "illegal use of high-powered fire-breathing weaponry" for attacking snow with his flamethrower. Fox reportedly became so fed up with the week-long blowing snow epidemic in his area that he decided to KILL IT WITH FIRE.

The neighborhood was treated with quite a show last night as Fox unleashed an inferno upon the mountainous snow palace that was his front yard. Neighbors to his immediate right and left noticed a bright orange cloud and could hear what they thought was "puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem all over hell," which prompted one of them to notify police.

Posted by joke du jour at January 7, 2014 06:02 PM

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