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August 25, 2014

I'm betting he didn't get married after all

Groom fakes his own death to get out of wedding

Pro-tip: When faking one's death to get out of a wedding, do a much better job than this guy.

We've all been there—the relationship isn't working out, but you just can't find the nerve to break up. It's not easy. Breaking up with someone and firing someone are probably the two most dreaded conversations a person can have. But there's no way out of it—you have to steel your nerve and go in head first. Unless you happen to be Tucker Blandford, in which case you can just fake your own death.

Blandford wanted to call off his engagement to British fiancee Alex Lanchester. The two had met in college in Connecticut when Lanchester was studying in the States for a year. They got engaged last year before Lanchester returned home at the end of semester, and their plan was to get married in Connecticut last week.

Apparently getting cold feet and unable to face the conversation himself, Tucker decided to fake his own death to get out of the engagement. Where it gets really sociopathic, however, is that he called Lanchester himself, assuming a fake voice and pretending to be his father, to tell his fiancee that he was dead.
groom faked death to cancel wedding Groom fakes his own death to get out of wedding

"Alex, this is Tucker's dad," he told her. "There's no easy way to say this… I am sorry to say that Tucker is dead." Alex says Tucker went on to say he'd been "suffering from depression and had thrown himself in front of a car."

Understandably, she freaked out. She then called Tucker's mother to give condolences and was doubly shocked to learn that she had no idea what Alex was talking about and that Tucker was indeed alive and well. She was triply shocked to learn that Tucker's mom had no idea they were engaged.

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