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September 17, 2014

When pigs fly

Farmer sets up zip wire for pigs

A Chinese farmer set up a zip wire for his pigs to stop them doing a runner when he takes them to market.

Sying P'an was fed up with his prized pigs running off whenever he takes them to town in the Chongning area of Weinan, in Shaanxi province.

So he dreamed up this bizarre invention to get them from truck to truck so quickly their trotters do not even touch the ground.

Sying, 43, created a series of harnesses and pulleys based on the Navy's bosun's chair that allows him to 'fly' each pig straight to its new owner's trailer.

Sying said: "At every market a few escape artists would always cause me trouble and often I would never get them back.

"You only have to lose a few and that makes the whole load a loss maker."

The harness has to take the strain of the 100kg [220 lb - JdJ] pigs while a complicated system of pulleys allows Sying to transport each porker into the truck of his latest customer.

"I get a lot of people coming to the town when I am there just to see the pigs sailing through the air," he added.

"They're all healthy and they land in good condition - they don't seem to mind the journey when they see the other pigs are not harmed, pigs are smart animals."

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