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October 17, 2014

Heads up! (3)

Beavers with parachutes in Idaho?

Just the title - "Transplanting Beavers by Airplane and Parachute" - of this 1950 report in the Journal of Wildlife Management raises questions. Like, for goodness sake, why? And how? Did they specially make tiny beaver-sized parachutes and goggles, and push them out of the cargo hold, one by one, like a tiny dam-making army? Once on the ground, did the beavers suffer post-traumatic stress from the sudden drop? Or did they spend the rest of their days mourning in rivers, longing for another taste of the sky?

Fortunately, the article by Elmo W. Heter from the Idaho Fish and Game Department answered all our questions. [...]

Heter doesn't say exactly how he and his colleagues came up with the idea of an airdrop. They got war surplus parachutes from the Idaho Forest Service, and placed the animals in boxes, one pair in each box. Settling on the release mechanism required some innovation:

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