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January 02, 2015

Use your turn signal, Art

Granite City man finds out what's been hidden in his arm for 51 years

CREVE COEUR • Unlike the times Betty Lampitt gave birth, on Wednesday morning she was the one praying the rosary in a corner of the waiting room. It was just an out-patient surgery procedure. And she said her husband of nearly 50 years was quite seasoned. [...]

Still, she was concerned. He had to go under anesthesia to have a foreign object removed from his arm.

The same left arm was injured back in 1963, not long before they'd met on a blind date. Arthur, a real estate agent at the time, was on his way to show a house when he smashed a brand new Thunderbird head-on into a huge truck. [...]

Then, about 10 or 15 years ago, something odd happened during a visit to the courthouse in Jerseyville, Ill., for work. Arthur's arm set off the metal detector. A doctor's X-ray indicated that a slender object, about the size of a pencil, was stuck in his arm. But because it didn't cause pain, and he had full use of his arm, Arthur was told to leave it be. [...]

"Everything was fine until it started to get bigger," Betty said. "The arm started bulging."

Speculation spread about what the foreign object was that seemed to be working its way out. Perhaps a medical instrument unwittingly stitched up in the emergency room back in 1963?

Arthur, 75, unearthed a collection of old photographs of the mangled Thunderbird that a friend took at the scene — the same friend who took Arthur and Betty's wedding photographs. He noticed the metal blinker lever was missing from the left side of the steering column.

Evidence in hand, Arthur was sure what he was about to deliver at the surgery center.

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