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June 08, 2015

Maybe it's right?

Parking machine calls French mayor a b**tard

A scandal-hit French politician has launched a complaint after a parking machine in the town where is mayor issued around 500 tickets that called him a "thieving b**tard". Police are investigating.

French politicians are used to insults... but not from parking ticket machines

But that's exactly what happened to Jean-François Copé the scandal-hit mayor of the town of Meaux.

The politician, who is the former head of the newly-named French opposition party Les Republicains, quit the party last May after shocking revelations emerged over a funding scandal for Nicolas Sarkozy's failed 2012 election campaign.

But Copé is still in a position of power as mayor of the town to the north east of Paris, and it seems the local parking machines still bear a grudge against him - or at least someone who knows how they work.

Indeed, an estimated 500 tickets were issued to drivers bearing the usual date and time of arrival at the car park, along with an extra message at the bottom that read: "Copé is a bastard, thieving mayor" (see pic below).

Copé has now lodged a formal legal complaint concerning the machine in question to authorities.

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